Tyr. Bulletin d'informations du Réseau 666.19 n°s. Charleroi. Paris. New York.

A mixture true, false and fatal. Beyond limits and norms. Print‑attack‑art, Rock' n' roll Destroy, Industrial, Crucified Paintings, Drawings, Photographies, Graphs and Glyphs, Religious Pornography and Romantic Love... For Out maga-­ zines, texts to read to Burn Up all fictions, Hellish Plans inside the Magick Rituals... COMiXs, Films, Political Poetry, etc etc... "GOD WANTS GODS" Novalis. To get out of the void and take all the deadly risks, by feeling like Universal Amens.. . The RESEAU 666 is like God's decayinq stumps, a rebelious and flamboyant mix, a busted up and joyous revolt  morbid and serene. An alibi to rensack all the corpes‑like things of Art and Life.. A "DOGM‑BREAKER" pure and hard ! We are already merciles. Projected into Art's ,

energy and blood, inside castings of arms floating like lights in the skies, the wings of the Angel are frantic and furious, scorched by the passion's teeth. We fear

off fingers from emptiness, as we reinvent the Ophite Rituals. We look ot the vampires the skeletons, their lafty and sublime tricks and trinkets. The younq hoo-

kers with their bangs over their eyes... We adore flesh the love there is in flesh... We will always go farther, we will do more things  destroyed; we'Il go through all

the freeings, all the experience upon the great lips of life; all the invocations, all the revolutionary dreams, all the necessary disgnises. Ta pray the Dream Gothique of the air and of fire, to pierce death with extatic pleasures, with truth serum from the Guardian Angel, with tender squids and invisible colors, with Venuses bleeding latex... RESEAU 666: to set obloze flesh's intelligible cathedrols... Réseau 666 in the heart of (s)pits...